Day retreats 2019


Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, Balquhidder, Lochearnhead, FK19 8PQ. Tel. 01877 384213


Dhanakosa Day Retreats 2019

"Courageous Compassion - the Bodhisattva Ideal"


Who are these days for?  These monthly day retreats are primarily for folk in Central Scotland. We hold them in the resident team's facilities behind Dhanakosa so there is only room for about 20 max. However if space permits then folk from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Fife are more than welcome: if unsure, please telephone in advance. Our day retreats are not for complete beginners however. A knowledge of the 5-stage metta bhavana and 4-stage mindfulness of breathing will be assumed, as will some knowledge of the Buddhist tradition.


This year’s theme? In this new year we'll continue the theme of the last few days retreats of 2018, aspiring to the ideal of the bodhisattva who gradually awakens into a new way of being, no longer overwhelmed by fear, able to reliably be there for others - remaining clear and creative, wise and compassionate even in the face of adversity. This shining ideal of Mahayana Buddhism has inspired generations of extraordinary men and women to acts of courageous compassion. This year we can draw inspiration from Sangharakshita's book entitled 'The Bodhisattva Ideal' with its six 'paramitā': the six 'perfections' (i.e. ways of perfecting) of the bodhisattva training. This is a thorough training in giving and morality, patience and vigour, meditation and wisdom.


What is the daily programme?    Please arrive by 9.45 and refresh yourself ready for starting at 10am. After a brief introduction we'll meditate and then after tea, there'll be a presentation and discussion until lunch at one o'clock. The afternoon session begins at 2.30 and ends at 4pm with a closing ritual and farewells so I do hope everyone can arrange to stay for that.  


If you come by car, the usual arrangement is to park it (say, 9.30am) by the forestry gate, ten minutes walk before Dhanakosa. Enter by Dhanakosa's second driveway, marked 'Resident Community'. Alternatively if you're not fit to walk, it may be possible (if there's been no rain for a few days) to park it in the field opposite that driveway or even (one or two cars) up the drive. Go up the driveway leading to the Dhanakosa team’s house where our day retreats are held.


You’ll need to bring vegetarian lunch to share, something that doesn't need re-heating, also a donation (eg. £15).  Dates In recent years our January day has often been disrupted or cancelled due to snow, ice or flooding but for the last ten years our February day has always gone ahead.


So in this new year, we'll start in February. Please make a note of these in your diary .... Saturdays, February 16, March 23, April 13, May 11, June 15, July 20, August 24,  September 21, October 12, November 9, December 7th. [Note: I shall also be leading an introductory weekend retreat in the main retreat centre, 4-6 January and a week's meditation retreat, 1-8 February called 'Kindness, Rejoicing, Compassion and Serenity'.  Please check our website or brochure for details.] - Smritiratna